Saturday, November 24, 2007

different kinds of porn:

as is becoming a trend, this is my response to gretchen's post, in which she espoused the virtues of her favorite types of porn from movies to books. it's a lot tamer than it sounds. i have decided to take it a step further. simply by being myself, and a horn dog of sorts, and, you know, random.

so, in no particular order, this month's different kinds of porn that i love. . .

there is random hot boy in jockstrap runway porn
(i think this was during national underwear day.
no, i did not make that up.
yes, i would like to thank whomever did make it up.) :

there is fabulous black and white landscape photography porn. i could look at this all damn day, simply swooning. and yes, that's a legitimate word:

there is this guy from the sartorialist website, whom i have obsessed about for about a year since he was posted there.

i have no idea why, but i think he's the coolest thing i've seen on the site, ever:

there is stunning bronze and ceramic light fixture-cum art piece porn:

there is, of course, myspace porn. we all have been to that dark place:

there is exquisite fashion porn. the kind where someone puts something together/on and you just swirl at the thought of having that ease and that style to make it all work so very very well:

there is accessory porn. closely related to, and often a byproduct of bottega veneta porn:

there is real estate porn. i often suffer from this. it's largely in my head, but i can't escape it:

there is sports porn. though i don't watch sports, there are times when the images are inescapably linked to the homo-subconscious. ok, the conscious. we're not subtle people:

oh yeah! shoe porn. as if the alligator bag wasn't enough, behold the taupey patent bottega veneta boot from the fall runway. worst kind of shoe porn of all. . . because they NEVER EVEN PRODUCED IT. it is a shoe TEASE:

and for those of you patient enough to make it this far, a special treat. sent on to me by a friend, a sweet video of matt loewen, one of our models.

on a mechanical bull.

consider it my porn present. to you:

Friday, November 23, 2007

seventy degrees of separation -

these days, the best kind of days are:

seventy degrees.
puppy power down the hill.
walking along the marina to see alcatraz and the golden gate bridge.
pecan pie outside.

after china, we came home to our old life, and found it filled with things we struggled with. thanks alot, fabulous travel. i HATE "lessons". almost as much as i HATE CHANGE.

so we walked around a home that was far too big for just two people. we thought about a city we had been in two years, but didn't truly feel like home. we wondered why our pups were so poorly trained. we asked where we were going, not just where we were going to dinner.

i realized that blogging like this is a combination of two of my favorite things: talking with friends and sharing pictures, things i used to only do in a letter once every four months, or with an ofoto album after a shoot.

i realized that i had new friends out there, people i never would have met, people who laughed with me, made me chuckle EVERY DAY, people who made me think.

people who i could be honest with.

we're going to go through some tough times in the next couple of months. we're going to reset our lives. so thank you, all of you out there, for reading, commenting, laughing, and generally letting me talk. i hope you understand how "the comfort of strangers" has been a gift for me.

i'll keep posting, but my most recent change is going to seem kind of superficial. all weekend, i did not enter a store.

i spent it with my family.

i love my _______



Thursday, November 22, 2007

we love our ______

big sunglasses and deep V t-shirts.

what? it's our uniform. don't judge the glamour.

thanks, today, for:

unexpected incidents that lead to endless gifts:

my first dog. and my best dog:

and the him that adds up to "them":

Monday, November 19, 2007

girls against boys -

tim's bday on saturday!
surprise poster art
(he collects derek hess. . . google him if you don't know him)/
ipod touches
(evie felt guilty cause she and i kept playing with our iphones while he sat there)/
dinner at chez spencer
(another hidden sf gem, complete with that "yeah, i'd live here" feel). . .
and evie.

vie = good.

hey you two . . .

i loves that you is in my life.

now kindly stop pawing each other.

NOW. people are starting to talk. . .

Sunday, November 18, 2007


they steal your heart.

devil dog, hound of hell -

when avec first came home,
she was SUCH a hellion i was convinced
"this dog has no soul."

actual quote. not proud of it. proven wrong a hundred times over.

i guess i forgot. PEOPLE have no souls. all dogs have big huggy souls that brim over into our lives.

this shot only proves that she uses her powers for protection of those she loves.

the third sign the devil is winning :

hello children.

welcome to the third sign the devil is winning,
(creeping up quickly on numers 1 and 2:
birkenstocks and tie-dye.)

the actual CROC STORE in hong kong.

(right now, gretchen is having trouble breathing . . . )