Thursday, November 22, 2007

thanks, today, for:

unexpected incidents that lead to endless gifts:

my first dog. and my best dog:

and the him that adds up to "them":


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Landis to you and the gang!

i am playing outside said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Eat some delicious food for me!

If you keep posting all these fabulous pictures, we're going to start to get jealous! haha

editor said...

cute cute
(hey, what kind of camera do you use?)

landis smithers said...

suze: back atcha, baby.

outside: even though it's canada, i think it's legal to eat turkey today, too.

editor: it's a samsung nv10, great camera. 10 megapixel, super small, super easy. looking for one?

editor said...

thanks for the info! why yes i am. friends were just here with their canon powershot and i liked the size.
how long have you had yours?

happy stuffing-gravy-greenbean-sweetpotatoes-mashedpotatoes-cranberrysauce-applecidar-pie day to you too! :D

i am playing outside said...

landis, i had some smoked turkey on a bagel for lunch. just for you. hehe

Gervy said...

Does this post mean you love Grr more than Avec? (or vice versa - I am too sleepy to work out which is which).

How did your dawgs get so freakin photogenic?