Friday, August 22, 2008

RETAIL PORN : los angeles in august

when we went and picked up the pups from doggy "bootcamp"
(they are so much more attentive, relaxed, and good dogs. maybe i should go.)
we spent a rather sun-drenched glorious los angeles day
catching up on retail . . .

where to begin . . . where to begin . . .

luckily, the gift card fairy (faerie?), patron saint of the gays, giver of all things good,
sent us a sign.

a red sign.

regardless of if you purchase, sometimes just seeing how things are displayed is an event unto itself.
the mix of fabrics and colors here alone remind me of our second home in chicago,
with its red lacquered walls and chinese tables.

no leopard print skirts, though. that's a new touch.

we kinda loved the new burberry flagship.

the walls were carved limestone ala the burberry check. nice.

and following the suggestion of our friend, the editrice, and ashley furnival,
we hit the martin margiela flagship.
(maison martin margiela)

out of the way? yes.

divine? oh. god. yes.

the exterior is covered in white paillettes.
see the pic:

feel the video:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

plums and pigeons -

some summer days here in san francisco . . . 
an explosion of plums crawling over fences in the back yard :
bouganveilla over the other side :
and finding passages and pretty light downtown,
for no reason.

we like finding each other, everywhere:

say you had eleven daughters -

and say you apparently had money enough to build a vacation home
where ALL of you could come at once.

wouldn't you build this?

now would one of you please either
date or marry
one of the eleven
so i can hang out at the pool?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

different kinds of porn - photography, interiors, and baby crocodile

ah, it's that time again.
time to revisit stuff that makes me feel "naughty".
stuff that makes the world feel slightly
obscene, ridiculous, giddy,
and filled with secrets.

this is not porn.  this is different kinds of porn.

like the art photographer jack pierson.

when todd barket first came and interviewed with me,
he told me he was feeling a real "jack pierson moment",
and i knew immediately,
todd and i?
we were going to click.

the two above are from pierson's series of "self portraits".
not kidding.
he photographs other men
(perhaps that represent something hidden?)
and lets them represent himself.

this one is called "timothy's flowers".

for some reason, i am drawn to it.
could be that tim has been giving me lilies since our first date,
when he read about them in a poem i wrote and intuited
that bringing me flowers (very specific flowers, that is)
would impress.

the act did more than the gift,
but to this day, timothy's flowers,
they impress.

and finally, the glorious word art.

different from a jenny holzer,
which sums up a phrase that eviscerates our world,
pierson's work takes found letters and creates words or phrases
that speak of past promises,
or future intent.

i'd take any of it.  go ahead.  tempt me.

then, the shallower me wouldn't mind this:

pharrell williams' custom made
purple baby crocodile man birkin with rose gold hardware.

it's a "mirkin".



a one of a kind motorcycle,
that i wouldn't even have to drive,
i could just stare at:

an interior
(i'd take any room)
done by classicist turned modernist
thad hayes.

also, i really like his name.

can't even imagine the price tag on that sweet bundle of serene environmental perfection.

and lastly,
i'd really like an invite to the opening of the new stork club in los angeles.
just 'cause.

ok, i'm taking names now.
who wants to join me for a french 75?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

RE -grouping : tom porter comes to town

tom is running all the wireless for outsidelands
(some music festival/foodie event/bigapalooza in golden gate park)
and will be crashing with us while he's doing that in a week or so.


he just dropped by for dinner and some catch up time.

friends do that when you're available and not,
you know,
working yourself to death.