Thursday, May 22, 2008

fall print shoot, part the third -

there were beautiful vintage renaults left to shoot:

then on to our denim, and the sweetheart fit :

then downtown, and a few more shots of sweaters :

until dusk settles on the city :

fall print shoot, part the second -

day 2, the bridges of the arts district:

the kids waiting for the sun to move:

todd and lena :

daniel, moi, and emily :

nathaniel goldberg, the rather brilliant photographer, and our newest friend:

crossing for the next set-up:

ingrid and gabe. i KNOW. sigh.

checking the shots. or hiding from the sun. i don't remember. heatstroke :

fall print shoot part the first -

first day, the studio.
stage 4 at smashbox:

the beautiful energy of todd and emily:

the beautiful smiles of gabe, atong, and ingrid:

stan, caitriona, and natalia:

richard, perusing the fall television boards (work in progress):

and a surprise bday for maria, with her ineffably beautiful laugh;


i think the license was a challenge to richard and i :

so we brought our "A" games.
i went for the yellow rims and the lanvin bamboo, resin, and lacquer bangle:

but bitch came back with the motorcyle cop's cap, and the baby phat pendants:

i mean, how does one beat that?

chambray, sky, cobalt, hermes, trout -

it's an ode to blue.
devil in a blue dress :

an unreal renault,
dusty, but that heat-warmed sky blue :

todd in a classic cobalt. and matching hat. and gold scarf.

emily's cognac diamond bangles (bitch),
worn denim,
and classic hermes H belt in blue (hello, kitty):

and a karmann ghia. the owner had just bought it, and told us it was the original color. get this. "trout blue". LOVE :

shadows and silhouettes -

the heat has become oddly intense in los angeles recently.
that has led to hats and headscarves:


and sunflares:

and impressions on concrete:

and balcony ledge: