Sunday, May 18, 2008

tenerife, my new home -

as a child,
i was a little obsessed for a few years with fantasy and sci-fi novels.
a little REALLY obsessed (every single piers anthony novel. primarily for the soft-porny way his characters always kind of sort of had sex. every single michael moorcock (stop laughing) novel. primarily because his language was so vividly descriptive. and the hero was an albino.)

and there was this one castle in the elric novels, or maybe it was a kingdom, it's been a long time, that i always thought i would love to live in, simply for the name alone.


it was like when i read the novel "rebecca" by daphne dumaurier (great book, go read it.)(now.) and i realized that people NAMED THEIR HOUSES. rebecca lived in a house named "manderley". i thought that was so chic. so insanely chic.

so. . . living in manderley or tanelorn has always been high on my list of things to achieve in life.

imagine my horror / joy upon discovering this:

oh. and it's located on an island called

in the MALDIVES.

close enough.

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