Saturday, September 22, 2007


so, armani exchange did this promotion:

i think they were selling something. fragrance? underwear? tanning lotion?

all i know is that the boys in the last picture were apparently JUST TEN DOLLARS!


i believe in transparency . . .

otherwise, why would i blog?

Friday, September 21, 2007

the truth is revealed!

everyone thinks they know how evelyn and i work.

i'm the creative / she's the producer.
i'm the tempermental one / she's the calming influence.

we lead our departments as two parts of a whole, true. . .
but there is a dark side to the story.

they see us like this:

but in reality. . .

i'm just sayin.

picture = thousand words and all. . .

balenciaga ga ga -

ok, shorts are back for spring 08.
shorts are bigger for spring 08.
shorts are longer for spring 08.
i get it.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

taste, luxury, MOI

guess what opened today in san francisco?


so it's no secret that i have a thing for redheads.

ok, maybe YOU didn't know that, but i do. it all started with my third boyfriend, scott, who in college was freakishly hot. He was the best kisser i had ever been with. He was notoriously a bad boy. And it ended very quickly.

nonetheless, i was hooked.

so. . . riddle me this.

WHY OH WHY, when you can look like this:

(wyatt is a new face. we kinda like wyatt. A LOT.
i know, it's hard to see why. . . look closer. i'll give you a minute.)

or THIS:

(or this young lady. from our friend the sartorialist's site. heavenly!)

or THIS:

(now, granted. she has Avec in her arms. but judith has her own youtube following now. . .)

or THIS:

(whom you could argue is the penultimate redhead.)


i think i need a drink.

and a stungun and a bottle of miss clairol.