Sunday, September 16, 2007


so it's no secret that i have a thing for redheads.

ok, maybe YOU didn't know that, but i do. it all started with my third boyfriend, scott, who in college was freakishly hot. He was the best kisser i had ever been with. He was notoriously a bad boy. And it ended very quickly.

nonetheless, i was hooked.

so. . . riddle me this.

WHY OH WHY, when you can look like this:

(wyatt is a new face. we kinda like wyatt. A LOT.
i know, it's hard to see why. . . look closer. i'll give you a minute.)

or THIS:

(or this young lady. from our friend the sartorialist's site. heavenly!)

or THIS:

(now, granted. she has Avec in her arms. but judith has her own youtube following now. . .)

or THIS:

(whom you could argue is the penultimate redhead.)


i think i need a drink.

and a stungun and a bottle of miss clairol.


Candid Cool said...

Maybe it's for a role...
(atleast that's what I have to tell myself)

editor said...

maybe it was for a role...
sorry, i'm just trying to help (and prevent you from doing something ... confrontational).
i've seen her in person, very striking. some people like to think that celebrities are just regular people, plus fame, and i guess a lot of the schlubs out there are just that, but moore is very other-worldly, appearance-wise (though i did feel like she needed a deep conditioner, and i would imagine only more so after this recent bleaching).

TravelGretta said...

I hope that is for a role. I can't imagine Ms. Moore would do that intentionally.

How do you feel about Carrot Top?

(insert evil smile here)

xavierpires said...

so funny, CSI:NY was just on and there was the hottest bearded/stubbly redhead, and i am deathly scared of fire crotch. i think u used a red head for one of your BR fall campaigns, guy with a trench or something, bearded and all.. very brit looking.

Meg said...

Well, even if it's for a role, you'll need two drinks. One for you (liquid courage), and one to allow you to approach her and offer her a drink. Which will then allow you to get close enough to employ the stun gun and Miss Clairol and return her to being a titian-haired goddess. Crikey. Why? Couldn't she have told whoever hired her that she's much more ravishing red and that their ticket sales will dip if she's not?

editor said...

^^^it reads like we have a stutter or something.
okay, there is another option besides carrot top! go see my blog. ;)

Anonymous said...

Probably for a role, though it may be because she is getting older. She is now in her late 40s, I believe, and I've noticed that recent colour-jobs that she has had have looked quite hars. It's tricky to maintain a good red after a certain age. Just a thought.

Dorian said...

what's wyatt's full name??