Friday, March 20, 2009

Destiny is usually just around the corner.

But what destiny does not do is home visits.  
You have to go for it.
-more wisdom from evelyn lee.  and precisely what i am doing this week,
in another city, far from home.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

an old ukranian folk story. with charlie chaplin. and some mongolians.

if you were to ask me to explain the picture above,
i would have to tell you that old ukranian folk story.
the one that begins with vitalina, you adored seamstress,
inviting you and your . . . comrades . . . to her favorite ukranian restaurant for traditional food.
in encino.
that's right.  the fabled land of encino.
so, we showed up, and wandered around a bit looking for the restaurant.
it was down a little alley.
there were men in black leather bombers smoking and drinking outside.
no one spoke english.
thank GOD vita showed up.
laser light show.
live music.
(the highlight was the two men belting out "take my breath away".  in ukranian.)
but wait.
it gets more surreal:
that IS a charlie chaplin impersonator.
going chair to chair.
giving massages while you ate.
charlie chaplin.  ukranian food.  massage.
i have no idea.
neither did anyone else.  kira's face says it all:
although, he was GOOD.
betania went twice.
as the evening progressed,
the kiev came out.  with shoestring potatoes.  traditional.
oh, did i mention there was vodka?
the moral of our tale?
i have no moral.  evenings like this are just wonderful randomness.
especially if the mongol hordes accompany you.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

on eating out : "bliends" who can cook are a very special find

i credit ms. gretchen,
who no longer blogs
(sad smiley face)
with the term "bliends".
"bliends" are people with whom  you have an almost intimate connection through blogging,
yet have never met in person,
and may never meet in your life.
you may share daily stories, 
banter in the comment sections,
or merely flirt around the edges,
but i have found these people to be a gift in my life,
providing what my mother often called
"the unexpected comfort of strangers"
to me over and over.
imagine the fun of getting to meet in person.
no, seriously, jim and lyle are SO much fun in person.
i don't care what those other blogs say.
we met up as a four-top at comme ca the first time,
with this fortuitous quote
to carry us through the french 75s and foie gras:
fortuitous because the darlings are off to paris in a few weeks,
and french 75s because,
they were there.
a few weeks later,
we got invited to their home,
where lyle went crazy in the kitchen.
and by crazy,
i mean (brace yourself here)
foie gras macaroons.
uh huh.
here's the menu:
foie gras macaroons, 
duck confit with lentils & fig balsamic reduction, 
pork porterhouse with Sauteed potatoes, apples and pears 
and for dessert (OMG) vanilla pot au creme with chocolate biscuits.
pretty home with spotted puppies
cute new dinner companions
and a sense of humor about my incessant pic taking.
besos, blog world!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

rescue dogs choose YOU -

there is a saying
that when you rescue a dog
it actually chooses you before you even find it.
and it knows it has been saved,
and remembers it's whole life.
it's nice to return the sentiment:

who do these people think i am?

you know how google sponsors links
beside gmail based on your "preferences"?
in other words, 
whatever the content of your emails
gets tailored to the advertisers . . .
i'm not sure what to make of my latest "ad options":
i am intrigued by my new
adalusian stallion.
i always wanted a "pony".

Monday, March 16, 2009

the ALUMI charity after party -

our friend eduardo has been running a charity called ALUMI
which helps at risk students by introducing them to the arts.
we went to their event which involved auctions and live music . . .
and oh yeah,
an after party.
that's our OTHER new friend eduardo,
eduardo lucero,
the designer.
not, obviously, designing.
tim and i were representing the dogs in color palette
our host for the evening:
(a total ham for the camera, by the way.  not that we'd know anything about that problem.)
YES, we were dancing.
just another thursday night in l.a.