Wednesday, July 20, 2011

more ridiculously cute shots of our pit bulls :

the first,
the prima.

the misfit,
the hugger,
the little soul.

can you tell i got a new lens?

THE HOLY DAY OF LANDIS IS UPON US ( a brief history and how to prepare )


today is, according to scripture, the "HOLY DAY OF LANDIS". 

typically, it required sacrifice in the form of lanvin and the burning of tevas. 
in recent years it has evolved into much imbibing of tequila, 
tipping of go go boys, and indiscriminate laughter among friends.

the church now requires all able bodied male models to report to the altar in costume for photographs 
and slightly too long ogling. 

the costumes shall consist of something off-the shoulder and something revealing rear decolletage. 

female models are required to bring quantities of sprinkles cupcakes 
and the newest chanel nail lacquer, 
and ample amounts of gossip. 

friends of the landis (or acolytes) will be called upon all during the holy week (check the calendar) 
to imbibe, overindulge, and generally "make merry". 

the "HOLY DAY OF LANDIS" is a good thing. 

so let it be written. so let it be done.

- (paraphrased from michael 7:20)

- (translated from the original tagalog)


leader of the church, HRH tilda swinton.