Saturday, October 6, 2007

home again home again

i returned home to tails wagging,
mad leaping on the bed,
face being licked a thousand times only,
the need to show me every chewed upon toy that had been played with while i was gone,
incessant and ill-behaved jumping and whining,
and general joy joy joy joy joy.

and then i got to see the dogs.


Thursday, October 4, 2007

ladies -

they do not "sit".

they lounge:

or they sit side-saddle:

because, in the end, they are ladies.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

charlie had his angels -

we have the old navy "army". our girls have become our signature and our delight, they are charming, smart, lovely, and such positive energy to be around. just look:

richard with nina, our first and foremost.

sara (the newbie), tatyana(the sunshine), nina, zoe(the heroine),
and me.

well you all know me by now.

passing the time, model style.

killing time, not brain cells, on set:

sam and sara

matt and florence

tatyana (who was literally studying for mid-terms.)

we can't forget our boyz

our guys are in some ways new members of the "army". but we love em.

they add energy to the mix. they are full of it.

(matt, sam, judith, and blake):

and look, they know how to play nice!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

sounds like a set-up, day two -

so, a russian, two canadians, a new yorker, a girl from brighton, a boy from leeds, a french/cuban, a girl from the ivory coast, a boy from texas, and a thai/french girl
walk onto an old navy set. . .

passing presents on set, day two -

'tis the season to practice practice practice;

zoe, florence, natalia


and darling judith!

holiday rehearsals - day one

zoe havler, nina keita, and natalia costa rehearsing,
old navy holiday shoot,
day one.

there have been treadmills, louboutins, jet-lag, baby melt-downs, and paint to t-shirt color matchings going on this week, but it started with rehearsals, everyone a bit tired, everyone trying to figure it out.

the crew is pulled from the whole year's work, the talent too, so the familial vibe has been great so far.

now we just have to make it all the way through the week. . . in one piece.

Monday, October 1, 2007

LV dressing room

while i didn't buy anything i tried on (NO, i didn't.), i wanted to take the room home with me.

is there anything better than zebrawood veneer paneling and custom steel fixturing?

(that was a rhetorical question.)

the power of color

funny how adding just one colorful accessory makes a world of difference.

i know, i know. you all want the orange hermes. get in line. . .