Friday, June 20, 2008

FALL SHOOT - the loft

don't look now,
but we built another world. a sunny one, to be sure:

oh sara with kites,
sara d with bikes.

FALL SHOOT - a day in the park - etc

bring the magic,
make the light.
it all starts at the start:

mix in the magic of makeup/hair/oversight,
my own witches of creation,
jo, serena, and kira:

of course,
ashley and eds:
men in hats,
michael manacop (producer d-vine), benjamin george (photographer d-light),
and tad (digital tech d-lish):

and then, lights:

camera (man),
paul cameron:

(oh, paul norman. j'adore. and j'kid you.)

and color:

first came connie, then came kites:

and in the end,
we even brought the light:

FALL SHOOT - the day in the park

for the first "kids" spot we've done in awhile,
we took it outside.
we took it to the wall:

we weren't afraid of color:

we let imaginations run a little amok:

we swapped out the canvases, step by step:

and in the end?


and so it went,
the style team geared up,
and the next round of models got fitted, flexed, and formed for our fall television spots.

as usual, ashley forgot her shirt:

eddie was in high spirits:

i was in high fashion:

richard and kira were in high pose:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

three years ago -

new to the city. we had just met. some street fair on the castro.

love this girl.

evelyn lee,
we adore you.
you are our rock, and our laughter.

my head on prada -

been to the prada flagship in soho?


not to buy, just to play. the place has a skateboard ramp, a round glass elevator, and so many video camera tricks (no mirrors in the dressing rooms. video screens. of you. from front AND back.) that every room is a headspinner. some of the screens are literally just hanging on the racks between the clothing. you know, coat, coat, shirt, skirt, video screen of your face reproduced a hundred times, skirt, skirt, raccoon and mohair tunic.

this was my favorite.

because there are SO MANY OF ME!

(i know. that was too obvious for words.)

me want:

i mean,
i was all comfortable with the thought of fabric only being for clothing. . .

what next?


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

second chances for everyone -

many thanks and hugs to tgret's mom,
who forwarded this to her.

proof that we all deserve a second chance:

click here to read about the michael vick pit bull becoming a therapy dog

gris means gray (pt. 2) -

what is this obsession i have recently with the color/shade?

well. . .

the boys who work for thom browne (google him if you haven't by now.) seem to be a little obsessed:
patrick ervell at the cfda awards:
(cute, non?)

stefano pilati at the funeral of the great yves saint laurent:
(how to properly mourn a legend . . . )

i have no idea who this is. and he's not wearing gray. but damn.

and the model/new facebook friend gabriel, workin the tones in a headshot:

ok, figured it out.
distracted by pretty pictures and pretty boys.
landis likes gray.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

one sunny sunday with the 'rents -

took heida and dad around town,
eating at house of nanking,
little bit o' shoppin'
and a whole lotta laughing in the sun.

Monday, June 16, 2008

june playlist -

for you whom are musically inclined,
and have liked my picks in the past,
i give you what's fresh in my head,
what's spinnin the hard drive,
what's playin in my loop, this month:

1) nicole atkins - "maybe tonight" (the song in the old navy mtv awards spot)

2) sisters of mercy - "this corrosion"

3) semi-precious weapons - "magnetic baby"

4) fort minor - "petrified"

5) lights - "last thing on your mind" (the song in the may old navy commercial)

6) imogen heap - "speeding cars"

7) spoon - "you've got your cherry bomb"

8) ben onono - "caramel"

9) office - "oh my"

10) duffy - "mercy"

(and if you haven't, BUY nicole atkins' album.
and lights' new ep on itunes.
go on now.
i've never misled you here.)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

different kinds of porn (part the third) -

this is fast becoming one of my favorite ways to post,
a conglomoration of all the bits and pieces,
detritus and debris,
that make my eye spin a bit during the month.

how do you describe the visceral kick that an image or an idea . . .
that even if you don't know what to do with it YET,
you know, you KNOW, it's going to make it into your life,
your creations,
your worldview,

it makes you tingle. it makes you anticipate. it kind of makes you want to store it under the bed and not share it with anyone cause it's YOURS (my precious. . . ).

but i'll share it with you. cause i'm that kind of guy. and i like you. 'cause you so pretty.

let's start with my three favorite covers from the "top 40 magazine covers of the past 40 years".
i have no idea how the list was generated, but i do love:

john rawling for vogue.

a classic crop from blue magazine.

and the divine linda evangelista,
on the cover of harper's bazaar, when liz tilberis relaunched the magazine,
and fabien baron was the art director.

i don't think there's been a fashion magazine as good since.

the next section is "things you never knew you needed, but now you do."


this stunning bronze, concrete and ceramic fireplace. i don't care if it even burns.

i want to pet it.

the (they probably only made one, or course)
chain mail, sequined gold, "armor" jacket by burberry.

the marilyn minter portrait of stephanie seymour and her first child.
(how cool is steph. comissioning THAT for her first baby shot. i want a baby. no, WAIT. i want a marilyn minter painting of myself. whew, that was a close one.)


let's ratchet it up a notch.

fabulous things WE CAN'T EVEN GET YET:

hermes introduced it's new birkin for men.
you can imagine how this is killing me.
or how i would kill for this.
kill anyone. for. this.
(in that green/gray hermes color with palladium hardware if anyone cares to avoid the bloodbath. just sayin'.)

the yet to be released, yet pretty much already an icon, bmw concept coupe.
add a man's birkin, a minter painting, and a burberry jacket, and you're done.)

ok, maybe you're over the top, but screw it.
or the new tom ford shades. for four thousand dollars. because they're made out of babies.

let's detour to vintage porn:

romy schneider and alain delon at cannes.

muhammed ali, also at cannes.

robert redford, lounging as only robert redford can.
check the shoes, people. AT THE BEACH.

ok, wrapping it up, promise.
what "porn" post would be complete without the requisite half naked men?

you're welcome:

some wwf wrestler named randy orton.
(or, a bartender at the bar on castro named randy whorton. i mean, same outfit. same body. same haircut. same "tribal" tattoo. not sure what to make of the wrist guard things. maybe that's what makes him a wrestler. did i mention i dated the captain of the wrestling team in high school? good times. where was i?)

and, some random boy at bondi. yes, kidlets, they do exist. they just don't eat, drink, or smile much. but fun to look at.

like all good porn.