Wednesday, June 18, 2008

gris means gray (pt. 2) -

what is this obsession i have recently with the color/shade?

well. . .

the boys who work for thom browne (google him if you haven't by now.) seem to be a little obsessed:
patrick ervell at the cfda awards:
(cute, non?)

stefano pilati at the funeral of the great yves saint laurent:
(how to properly mourn a legend . . . )

i have no idea who this is. and he's not wearing gray. but damn.

and the model/new facebook friend gabriel, workin the tones in a headshot:

ok, figured it out.
distracted by pretty pictures and pretty boys.
landis likes gray.


Jim said...

I'm afraid of the grey because the only color I know will go with it is yellow and I don't like yellow. Enlighten my please...

Carrie D said...

I am too [old/traditional/unhip] (your choice) for those Thom Browne man-capris to look anything but silly. Color = fine. Cut = absurd.

Perhaps they are a reaction to the recent flooding across the midwest.

editor said...

grey is thee best color. period.

landis smithers said...

jim, if you're not a fan o' yellow, brace yourself. more to come.

carrie d - my love, you are none of the above. but i seem to remember convincing you to buy lime green pants once. i can make anything work. i'm magic.

editrice - agreed.

editor said...

yellow and grey, be still my beating heart!

jim, truly?
grey and grey, grey and white, grey and green, grey and blue, grey and black, grey and pink, grey and almost any color because as long as there is grey, it's good.

Whiskeymarie said...

I have a bit of a grey problem- I have way too much of it already, but I keep buying more.

Those pretty boys make me happy.

-h of candid cool said...

stefano is a genius. Is the a perfect picture of male chic and elegance.

Jesse Archer said...

Ok, I'm with Carrie on the high-water cut.

But I'm all for grey (or is it gray?) and a splash of bright color.