Monday, June 16, 2008

june playlist -

for you whom are musically inclined,
and have liked my picks in the past,
i give you what's fresh in my head,
what's spinnin the hard drive,
what's playin in my loop, this month:

1) nicole atkins - "maybe tonight" (the song in the old navy mtv awards spot)

2) sisters of mercy - "this corrosion"

3) semi-precious weapons - "magnetic baby"

4) fort minor - "petrified"

5) lights - "last thing on your mind" (the song in the may old navy commercial)

6) imogen heap - "speeding cars"

7) spoon - "you've got your cherry bomb"

8) ben onono - "caramel"

9) office - "oh my"

10) duffy - "mercy"

(and if you haven't, BUY nicole atkins' album.
and lights' new ep on itunes.
go on now.
i've never misled you here.)


editor said...

hey now hey now now - that takes me back.

James said...

saw spoon in concert a few times. really great.

Stacy said...

underdog is my favourite spoon song right now - after all, who doesn't love the underdog?