Friday, March 4, 2011


this turned out to be a favorite posting of recent past,
so i'm reprising it here.
things on the radar
that make all the difference,
1) the advent of "nails" as the new erogenous zone in makeup.
first seen, really, in urban culture as an expression of beauty
only rivaled by hair,
then co-opted a few years back in this amazing jil sander campaign
(which led to landis studding his nails for one new year's eve, then picking them off for weeks after)
the nail-bed is the new hot-bed of creative expression:
2) while i resist the eighties influence in fashion,
these jeans have me hunting high and low for a pair.
they strike nostalgia,
and lust,
in equal measure:
3) catwalks are always dramatic affairs,
but i love how this one runway turned the drama to the floor,
with antique mirrors and rivets.
how much do i want this in my home?
4) alexander wang doesn't need more "buzz".
so why does he put out such insanely cool accessories?
fur templed sunglasses on the fall runway:
5) speaking of fur,
the so simple,
turn of collar at the dries men's show,
offering a "dropshadow" sense of luxury
to a truly classic collection.
lucky for the women,
he repeated this in his women's show:
6) let's call it the "peroxide vortex".
everyone seems to have followed britt maren down the path of late,
literally EVERY club kid i've seen in the past month,
and every other model.
it appears,
is back:
7) this isn't a trend,
this is just a great detail,
where a deville
become devilish.
and delish.
8) and as his retrospective at the met costume institute draws near,
some stunning images by solve sundsbo
remind us why
alexander mcqueen
was the greatest and deftest weaver of detail into living dreams:

to this day,
i consider THIS red carpet showing of one of his dresses
the height of non-conformist cool.
only on cate,
only mcqueen,
only this combination.
i actually ache when i think that this won't happen again,
9) and yes,
even though we mock her and her GOOPy ways,
gwyneth is cool again.
whether it's her sense of humor at herself,
her winning GLEE turn,
or perhaps the attention that puts this calvin dress
with normally masculine hermes bracelets . . .
i wanted to hug her when i noticed this detail,
then club her over the head and take them.

good girl.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

BLINK, and you missed it . . .

this year is rocketing by.
anyone else SHOCKED it's march already?
MARCH, people!
we've seen:
1) the skies over l.a. go from typically brilliant to this, over and over:

but surprisingly ominous when you're just out walking the dogs
down santa monica boulevard.
2) then,
lauren (my darling, divine sister)
and hollis came and stayed with us for a few days:
this involved much retail therapy,
much eating of the sushi,
and much making of the merry at the nightclubs.

3) i've been shooting up a storm on the print front.
leading to scenes like this in my backyard,
'tis difficult,
this path i have chosen.
4) jo had her birthday bash at the beach.
drove an hour south,
to a gated community RIGHT ON THE WATER,
and lounged the day in the cool sunshine,
celebrating with our lovely one:
'twas pretty divine:
and oh,
what else?
lots of good news on the art side of my career
(granted, a side i didn't know existed, but more on that soon enough)
some new jobs landing and travel again soon,
and general momentum,
my loves,
is the greatest gift of all this year.
say it with me: