Friday, March 6, 2009

and then, there was tequila at the London hotel . . .

oh dear.
gail gilbert came to town.
which means heady discussions about film
and greek literature,
and danish furniture,
and editorial techniques.
and then we went to the london for drinks:
you can see where this is going:
from there,
things got fun.
and fuzzy.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

fireflies, sparklers, ultimately avec -

they call our rug
but i've always felt it more a "firefly":
and the one most likely to "light up" the room,
is the little gray one:
if you're lucky enough to find her,
and she doesn't blend in TOO much :

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

rainbows where you least expect them -

tim and i take a LOT of pictures.
i know, suprise.
but he literally scrambled over the basement sofa with the camera
to take this snap.
i had no idea why.
but sometimes someone sees something 
about you 
that you can never see yourself.
and it's a gift when they want to be sure
you know that perspective,
see you
how they
see you.
another reason,
he's tim.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SOCIETY @ Bordello, los angeles, saturday night, late -

some nights,
a boy just wants to get dressed up,
grab the other boy,
and head out into the balmy los angeles night
in search of someplace a bit less . . .
the last night of february,
seventy eight degree day,
tim and i gussied up and headed to a new night
at a club in the toy district downtown.
tim was feeling . . .
and yes, those are beaded.
was one part whorehouse, one part wes anderson, one part pierre et giles,
mixed heartily,
served nice n warm.
the staff was very friendly.
i liked.
i posed,
but i liked.
the twins are part of the band Elephant,
i gotta photograph these two . . .
next month,
any of you all wanna get out your high heels
and join?
i promise to be a gentle host.
(whatever that means.)

Monday, March 2, 2009

heaven's dog, evie's giggle, flashlights -

did i mention evelyn took us to a ton of new restaurants when we went up there?
or that tim took a ton of photos every time we turned around,
so that i lost track,
and just found these,
which i LOVE cause they sum us up,
or that this place had the best name

susan wayne. "gimpy the graceful" to her friends.

this woman is a rock star.
she was a major corporate powerhouse.
she is an intuitive healer.
she is a steadfast friend,
and a beautiful soul.
she has trouble stepping off of sidewalks.
just going to show,
you can't see 'em all coming.