Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SOCIETY @ Bordello, los angeles, saturday night, late -

some nights,
a boy just wants to get dressed up,
grab the other boy,
and head out into the balmy los angeles night
in search of someplace a bit less . . .
the last night of february,
seventy eight degree day,
tim and i gussied up and headed to a new night
at a club in the toy district downtown.
tim was feeling . . .
and yes, those are beaded.
was one part whorehouse, one part wes anderson, one part pierre et giles,
mixed heartily,
served nice n warm.
the staff was very friendly.
i liked.
i posed,
but i liked.
the twins are part of the band Elephant,
i gotta photograph these two . . .
next month,
any of you all wanna get out your high heels
and join?
i promise to be a gentle host.
(whatever that means.)


Rene Schaller said...

love the flower on your jacket... i'm really into boutonnière.

best from berlin

Carrie D said...

intentional cruelty?

cristy gods eyes said...

Yes, please do set me up on a blind date with all of your gay friends and/or acquantances, regardless of age, interests, or physical attraction, and pay no mind when I say that I already have a boyfriend. I'm sure he won't mind. Such a sexy crowd. I could go both ways for that gaggle of sex kittens. On second thought, I hate meeting people. I hate putting myself in a position to meet people. I'm a regular misanthrope, here--not in Moliere's sense of the term, but more like Qin Shi Huang; I build huge walls. In slighly related news, since men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses, I've started to wear contacts again. While wearing contacts does make wearing obnoxiously large sunglasses more fun, it does dry out my eyes. I am going to wear nothing but white this Spring. Toe to head white. I want to give a full on goth albino hotness for spring. It is all about Jun Takahashi for spring. My look this spring is def cocaine on a cracker.

Landis said...

rene - it's FUR!

carrie d - come out and i'll show you "cruelty" ;)

cristy - baby we live in the same city. you're killin me mystery woman . . .

singapore florist said...

you guys are so fun there :D