Thursday, March 19, 2009

an old ukranian folk story. with charlie chaplin. and some mongolians.

if you were to ask me to explain the picture above,
i would have to tell you that old ukranian folk story.
the one that begins with vitalina, you adored seamstress,
inviting you and your . . . comrades . . . to her favorite ukranian restaurant for traditional food.
in encino.
that's right.  the fabled land of encino.
so, we showed up, and wandered around a bit looking for the restaurant.
it was down a little alley.
there were men in black leather bombers smoking and drinking outside.
no one spoke english.
thank GOD vita showed up.
laser light show.
live music.
(the highlight was the two men belting out "take my breath away".  in ukranian.)
but wait.
it gets more surreal:
that IS a charlie chaplin impersonator.
going chair to chair.
giving massages while you ate.
charlie chaplin.  ukranian food.  massage.
i have no idea.
neither did anyone else.  kira's face says it all:
although, he was GOOD.
betania went twice.
as the evening progressed,
the kiev came out.  with shoestring potatoes.  traditional.
oh, did i mention there was vodka?
the moral of our tale?
i have no moral.  evenings like this are just wonderful randomness.
especially if the mongol hordes accompany you.


Michael said...

Oh Connie.

Connie said...

What's the freaky, smoky haze in front of Kira?
Old Kiev spirits wandering about?

cristy gods eyes said...

You had to get out of here
Past the atmosphere
Had to lay your eggs where its warm
We come here to swarm
mongolian hordes

You in your v-neck sheer
That you wore to here
You shook me out for one night
Snap snap flashing light
Soundfematic, pants tight

Bang guzzles the vodka clear
Chaplin rubs it from the rear
shitwrecked, you can call
Encrypted numbers on bathroom stalls
It’s melting numbers right off the wall

When the blog was writ
No one knew when to stand or sit
Can’t stand to stand, can’t stand to sit
Kiev and randomness pit
Click, click, click, trip, slip

French-fries and vodka deep
Story moral, Encino alley you creep
Them, you, us godseyes & chaplin
Yes, the vodka you did mention
Favorite post this week, no question