Wednesday, March 11, 2009

living in neutral -

someone recently told me
that i lived my life in neutrals.
i vehemently
after all,
i believe in very very very colorful . . .


Iheartfashion said...

Can one ever have too much grey? I don't think so.

Jerryjeff said...

Your car is fabulous and I hate to say it, anything but neutral. And, it probably hates to be in neutral. I love your blog and everything your friends say, especially that girl Christie. Nice life you got. Love you, Jerry (Jeanjean)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pic with the frog legs!

Anne K. in L.A. said...

As another gray-lover, I don't believe there is such as thing as too many neutrals... especially when you have such vibrant accessories. I love the color of your scarf.

Love ALL these photos.

Landis said...

ah, anne, i agree about gray.


if you click on "that purple scarf" in the side column, you'll see it's followed me around the globe . . . can't get enough of it!

cristy gods eyes said...

I love taking a dip in the pool of your life again this week. Splashy splash. I think it is not so much about neutrals as it is an experience of textures, depths and light. Shadows are burnt a diagonal of stripes on the stairwell. Avecs coat reflecting sun like a lake - a fleeting perfection. Lazy dog days, fur and sunglasses…garage glamorous…that perfect purple scarf…the eyefuck that makes my orifices bleed. I love humpday.