Monday, June 22, 2009

erotic city -

so, we love new experiences.
and manacop had just had a reaaaallly long day with a certain un-named on-set diva.
so we all got up the energy,
ran downtown,
and went to the 
connie was dying to be
the "center of attention".
her name is CONNIE BANG.
it begs to be a reality, right?  BEGS for it.
and, look at michael's face when he met jessica and keilani.
he's like a little boy at christmas.
or, you know, when he opens a porn video.
and timmer?
tim was PRICELESS.
his face was insane.  it was like he kept trying to put it all together in his head.
as for me,
i was just happy that i could wear my leather leggings.
i was not alone that night,
but (snob alert)
mine were givenchy.
and yet no one asked me to be in a movie.
so much talent, so little time.


Alicia said...

can I just say how much I love seeing your husband under a huge sign that says "I <3 VAGINA" ?

you might have a start in high-fashion porn...

Jim said...

The offer stands. You can be in the orgy scene if you want. We just can't hang out as much because I am trying not to mix friends and work.