Tuesday, June 23, 2009

eduardo xol throws a mean cookout -

our friend eduardo xol
had a little outside grill recently,
and as we were all pre-pride parade,
we needed the sustenance to survive the march.
the march being "the walk from our place to the abbey".
jim was happy.
i was too, but i blame the tequila.
cute guys everywhere.
in the window, in the yard.
tim was either trying to document a precious moment,
or hold me up.
again, i blame the tequila.
there's our gracious host.
nice sunglasses.
(i blame the tequila.)
i also loves me some gabriela tamayo.  girl's got style.
like krissy's "flame dame" tee.
then, there was this pic.
which i don't remember taking.
i was very impressed with myself.
again.  tequila.
almost ashamed.
eduardo lucero shows up,
we rally the troops,
and head out.
i don't know where i was,
but thankfully tim remembered to bring luke.
i blame the . . . you get it.

1 comment:

Jim said...

So much fun... I think. I blame the champagne.

I also blame the vodka.

I also blame the heat.