Tuesday, September 2, 2008

how to endear yourself when you are a ten day houseguest -

so when tom porter came to work the outsidelands festival in golden gate park,
he crashed in our spare room for . . .
brace yourselves . . .
ten days.

and amazingly,
we all survived.

we even had fun.  dinners.  some time hanging out.
and no "guests are like fish.  they stink after three days" rule coming true.

perhaps it was that he was gone running cables through the park until all hours,
or that he's so laid back and fun.

but i think he may have figured out
whom in the household you really have to win over
in order to survive:

(the girls do like their tom . . . )

1 comment:

Michael said...

I don't know how that middle shot gets any cuter or more perfect.

(OK, maybe I'd clean up his nails a little, but otherwise, divine.)