Friday, February 15, 2008

the song in the february old navy commercial is:

"february air" by this little girl:

her name is lights
(one word. like iman. or madonna. or landis.)

i found her on myspace, and have LOVED her music for almost a year. finally had a chance to use her, and so she's the "voice" of the episodes for the next four commercials/long forms. it was great how her songs matched our stories. . . perfectly.

and she's a freakin delight. so gifted, writing and performing all her own stuff. . .

another find, i'm sharing with you.

(and remember, you can see it all, including lookbook and cast and music,


i am playing outside said...

i just saw the commercial on tv. you've made it landis! [again]

WendyB said...

I just saw the commercial too! Good job.