Saturday, February 16, 2008

the old navy episodes : the urban explorer commercial pt. 2

ok. so i know you're all about to get dressed for the next scene, but here's how it's gonna break down. yamila is trying on outfits, nina and sara are helping her pick the one that looks best, there's a camera, a pillowfight, then some prison sequences . . . no, wait, that's a different movie.

o. . . k. looks like eddie is ready to get going.

there's yamila, flawless in black:

nina keita :

paul norman and the "delicate flower", rita moraes:

no, no, paul. everything is fine. i'm just trying to shove my fist in my mouth. again.

the girls were getting in their characters by now. moving

though it was only the third scene, we could all feel it starting to click.

(and remember, you can see it all, including lookbook and cast and music,

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