Sunday, February 17, 2008

the old navy episodes : the urban explorer commercial pt. 3

let's take it to the streets. . .
you'll remember we shut down diagonal norte for a day to shoot our ourdoor locations, and this leg of the urban explorer exploded around a vintage land rover (which we repainted to match the collection. sigh. not that i've been influenced by the movie auntie mame and the fact that rosalind russell changed everything around her every time she changed her hair color. not kidding. whole park avenue apartment redecorated to match your hair change. wardrobe too. talk about severely traumatizing a twelve year old boy. i couldn't change my SOCK COLOR in jesuit high school, let alone my non-existent park avenue apartment. is this my revenge? i don't know.)

we start with nina rocking the "urban jumper":

and let me tell you, nina keita can rock an urban jumper. dayam.

yamila in more safari wear. oh wait, look at the subtle/not so subtle branding in the background, that somehow never made it into the edit because we didn't end up shooting in that direction. sorry richard. oops.

ah, yamila, sara, sebastian, and nina. waiting. what for?

permission to get into this:

yeah, sara. i wanted to ship that baby HOME.

talk about things everyone wanted to ship home:

i'm just sayin.

here i am telling the group how to get together for a "group photo". see. . .you hold the camera like. . . this . . . rita, translate this for me, will you. kira? anyone?

ah, they figured it out.

and let's not forget the real "urban explorers".
i owe em everything:

(and remember, you can see it all, including lookbook and cast and music,

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