Friday, February 22, 2008

the origins of names, and winter in chi-town -

dance dance, bitches. we're going to chicago for a DAY and a HALF
for meetings and running around . . .

ah, how i have missed the skyline:

the chance to wear fur.
i just did that in nyc.

the chance to wear fur again.

a chance to see tom!
dinner at bistro 110, and a moment to breathe and catch up . . .

a last minute dinner with cindy! a last minute dinner with cindy!
(of course at blackbird. it's cindy. i had the pig dinner. suckling pig starter. pork belly entree. beignets with caramel, oranges and BACON ICE CREAM. can i hear it for bacon ice cream? seriously, y'all. it's freakin amazing. it's like bacon, but in ice cream form with maple syrup. did i mention it came with beignets. which is creole for "donuts"?)

and then,
i looked over, and remembered that summer night,
waiting for a table, when i said to tim
"you know,
that would be a cool name for a dog . . . "


i am playing outside said...

are you shitting me? i've been joking about bacon ice cream for years! does it actually taste good? or would i be better off eating bacon and then ice cream? this could either be amazingly delicious, or horrendously disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Aaah - that explains the cool name. You look fabulous in fur my friend. Move to a colder climate immediately.

TravelGretta said...

We totally ate at AVEC when we were there in December! Hooray Chicago!

Michael said...

You are GORGEOUS in that hat, boychik! You need to blow that up and hang it prominently in your home and possibly also put it on calling cards.

I can't decide if pork belly is a slice of heaven or the devil's instrument.

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

If you like your bacon ice cream, you will love, love, love this!

Carrie D said...

Bastard! I was frickin in TOWN that day (2/22) with the afternoon & early evening free. We shoulda had coffee or bacon ice cream or something. Damn. LMK next time you go, OK?

moi said...

Pork fat rules!