Saturday, February 23, 2008

lounge lizard / pit bull hybrids :

i like this species. they seem friendly.

in that loungey/pit bull kind of way.


editor said...

it occurred to me that the look in grrr's (3 "r"s?) eyes was patience. your dogs are totally trying to be patient with you.
they are drinking decaf, aren't they? soooooo mellow.

Anonymous said...

They're trying to seem interested in the camera when all they want to do is nap. Stop bothering them Landis!

landis smithers said...


like so many people in my life, they are just humoring me until i leave the room!

moi said...

This is so funny, because it illustrates perfectly what I like to call the Irony of the Pit Bull. Pits are truly the goofiest, most joyous, smiliest dogs around. Until you get a camera in their faces and then they're all, like, TOTALLY serious.