Monday, February 25, 2008

pit ball part 2 -

tim puts his exercise ball up so the dogs can't get to it,
and grr decides that if she can't PLAY with it
at least she can keep it company.

and stake claim to the lounge.

smart dog.


editor said...

i love your dog posts. i love the others too, but the dog posts are a treat. grr (TWO "rr"s. got it).
i didn't comment on it, but i enjoyed the story behind avec's name.
if tim feels like sharing, i am pretty curious to see footage of how exactly these dogs play with that enormous (and gorgeous colored) ball.

where do your dogs sleep, btw?
not to be too big of a downer, but i have to keep a minimum of 3 or 4 larger pieces from the clean laundry pile ON the bed at night now, by my feet, for a familiar feeling of ... peace.

landis smithers said...

not a downer, a reality, and one i have huge empathy for. tim has been traveling a ton, as have i, so when we're gone, they curl up beside the one left behind, one at our head, typically avec as she likes to feel your breath on her face, and one at our feet, typically grr, cause she likes to lay her big head over your calves and hold you still. it's both uncomfortable, and heaven.

i feel so deeply for you.

today we sat with evelyn as she put down her beloved cat, mojo. we were all in tears, and she was destroyed. it was peaceful, and necessary, but watching a little life slip away . . . it was so wrenching.

i'll post some footage of avec being all talky and bouncy. that should lift our spirits.

feel hugged, again.

editor said...

thank you.
i am very familiar with the leg anchor. totally makes you stuck, but in the best possible cozy way. it was always an excuse not to get up "oh, i can't. look where her head is."
evelyn - i am so so sorry for her.
so sorry. it's a very brutal responsibility that comes with loving an animal, what she did.
i am deeply envious of your sleeping arrangements.

Anonymous said...

I can send my exercise ball to keep the girls company. I'm a giver like that :)