Monday, February 18, 2008

the old navy episodes : the urban explorer commercial pt. 4

one last shot to polish off the episode . . . a little "abbey road" homage with the old navy girls:

some self styled goofing with nina keita, sara ruba, and yamila:

ah, my girls!
(catch our new shopping bag . . . not bad . . .)

and here is the last shot of the day,
lovely sarah, wandering pensively down the long gray wall in her red suit.

so chic. we've come a LONG way in a year.

(and remember, you can see it all, including lookbook and cast and music,


editor said...

love the scarf as belt.
heck, all 3 outfits here - very great!

Iheartfashion said...

Saw this during Top Model last night and thought of you! It's great.

landis smithers said...

danka eds! scarf as belt an old trick i learned from my friend cindy, who runs barney's in chicago. only hers are hermes. go figure.

heart - from you, a true compliment!

she said...

how weird i would just randomly click you on moi'c blogroll - ive seen this ad and i thought to myself this is far better than the ON ads of old . FAR better. i loved the white chirt and khaki skirt safari outfit.

you did this? awesome.