Thursday, February 21, 2008

this is what we all do the work for :

this makes me happy. thanks editrice.

you made my week by sharing this post:


Anonymous said...

hey landis- great work on the urban explorer commercials!

I was in Buenos Aires this winter (summer there) when did you all film the spots?

Take care and keep up the good work :)

TravelGretta said...

Did you see that one of the comments was "Todd Oldham is creative director now"???

editor said...

oh i am glad you got that little old message.

saw the coverage in the l.a.times 2 weeks ago too.

travelgretta, where have you been? "design creative director" to be precise though.

Whiskeymarie said...

You show impressive restraint by not commenting and correcting them.
Why I love you so...
(and the ads are awesome. Seriously.)

landis smithers said...

thank you guys!

and t-gret, it don't matter. oldham does the clothes now, i do the ads/store/packaging,etc . . . and flying a little below the radar doesn't hurt. kind of lets me do better work and innovate more.

and whiskey, thanks. i had a moment, then i thought, "the people who I care about, know". people like you guys.