Friday, September 28, 2007

an ode to gretchen:

shall i compare her to a summer's day?

hell no. she would SO not like this. girl is even unsure about it when i call her eva longoria.

she is my new "bliend" (a term i lay no claim to, she made it up, i didn't. has something to do with the fact that we've never ACTUALLY met, but we read each other's blogs alot, both seem to like the exact same things, including type of cheese and bottega sandals, and she makes me laugh out loud, sometimes annoying those around me, on an almost daily basis.)


so i owe gretchen the following posts based on a tease that i left on her blog, then never got around to putting up, largely because, well, i was tired and a little lazy and couldn't find that cord thing that goes in the camera and moves the digital pics to the laptop.

remedied that, and voila, the following posts.

1. retail weakness
2. retail panic
3. there is no three, but it would have been great if there was, because i could have called it "retail redemption".

there. you are now roughly caught up in the odd drama that is my friendship with gretchen (
who dedicates whole posts to me
(click here. now. click it click it click it.)
in which she refers to me as a cupcake.

and you all know how well i resist flattery.

1 comment:

TravelGretta said...

Not a Summer's Day, I'm an Autumn, so it would have to be a Fall's Day.

You're the best!