Friday, September 28, 2007

lanvin is the devil.

Why did I think I could "just try on" the men's lanvin fall collection?


Don't I deserve happiness?

In the form of plum cashmere jersey sweatpants
and grosgrain trimmed gray flannel jackets with bronze little zippers that say "lanvin"?

sadly, these did not follow me home,
but rather stayed in the clutches of those mean people at barney's in los angeles.

if any of you see them wandering the floor looking for me
(and by "them" i mean the clothes, not the salespeople)
kindly give them my address.

thanks ever so much.


TravelGretta said...

Oh, but you LOVE plum! And who doesn't need cashmere pants? No one, that's who! You do deserve happiness. And you know what I always say? You can't take it with you. The money, I mean. You can't take the money with you. But I wonder if you could maybe take the plum cashmere pants with you if you signed a waiver of some sort...

editor said...

*mouth dropping open at those cashmere pants*
how much how much how much???

landis said...

let's just say the pants would be half a san francisco mortgage payment.

Candid Cool said...

yeah i heard the men's line is up there price wise but the quality is ahhhmazing

Alice Olive said...

Very funny! I agree, you can't "just" try some of these fabulous items on. Some of them take control of your mind and somehow you wind up with a zero bank balance but a fabulous investment.... (puns intended).