Monday, August 11, 2008

paris street fashion : men's edition -

the "men's edition"
be a little more robust than the ladies'.

i have an astute eye, though.
click on any pic you like, the details in the larger versions are good.

like the pink helmet and the ink on his chest, with espadrilles:

like my friend peter kempe,
whom i met on,
in his purple trousers.

we literally "crossed paths":

my favorite:

on bikes:

on bikes (!):

no, wait.
my favorite:

no, wait.

an artistic bent:

and some boyish glee:


Gretta said...

I LOVE the Europeans on their bikes! In Amsterdam I could not stop giggling at the women in their platform sandals, riding a bike while holding a cup of coffee and talking on their cell phones. Fabulous.

designerman said...

wow. those men's shots...the men! the outerwear! the linen duster!

i love these pictures!

Stacy said...

your favourite is my foavourite too!

great shots!