Tuesday, August 12, 2008

what landis wore : the french countryside

ever since i've joined the new site
i've become even more aware of what i wear day to day
rather than just event dressing.

i know. like i needed this.

i am a great packer. this trip challenged me a bit,
since after vilars, tim and i were heading to paris for a week.

country. then paris.

here's how i survived the first part:

(jil sander canvas trench. lacoste vintage weave polo.
lanvin wool and silk athletic pants. lanvin trainers.)

(lacoste big gator polo. levi's capital E jeans. mcqueen for puma trainers.)

(ric owens denim jacket. michael bastian angel wing polo. gap 1969 khakis.)

(american apparel thermal. philip lim belt. gap 1969 chinos. mcqueen for puma trainers.)

(jil sander trench. j.crew cardigan. hermes scarf. gap 1969 chinos. mcqueen trainers.)

(acne tank. tomas maier swimsuit.)

(jil sander cropped blazer. james perse button down. levi's capital E jeans. lanvin trainers.)

i think i MIGHT have a "thing" for navy.


designerman said...

damn! you worked those labels!!

Gretta said...

Are we allowed to call them "trainers" if we're not Canadian? Eh? Are we?

editor said...

i totally lost count of how many bottoms you packed.
this pochette you're wearing here is so great.
so you had more than one blazer altered at the sleeves. it's working VERY nicely.

Iheartfashion said...

I absolutely love the Lanvin jacket. Can I borrow it?