Monday, November 12, 2007

avec update:

bad landis.

no update yesterday, sorry kidlets.

she is home from the hospital, sniffling and on a ton of antibiotics, cuddling like mad with her daddy, tim, and leaving snotty messes all over, well, everything.

and i? i am on another shoot in los angeles all week, balanced between regret at not being able to hug hard on my little one, and relief and not being snotted all over.

apparently grr won't even get near her because every time avec sneezes, grr freaks and bolts for the other room.

(it was an oddly well timed shoot, in some ways.)


i am playing outside said...

poor snotty avec!

i'd go with you being lucky that you're not there to enjoy that. poor Tim!

Gervy said...

Gross! dog snot is the worst. Still I suppose it is a small price (for Tim) to pay to have the baby home again...

kevyn said...

it's 'snot' so bad being away from the snot...yea, i went there. but not being able to hug is 'snot' so nice.

editor said...

i don't know how, after 10 years of pet-parenting, i have managed to escape experiencing dog snot.
poor grr. poor avec.
don't worry, they'll save some for you.
did you put all your shoes away before you left??