Tuesday, November 13, 2007

eerie, right?

i'm just sayin.
alexi lubomirski shoots me (as a favor) on the denim shoot this june. white jeans. gray tee.

months later . . .

see, i rejected that pose. too expected. too "cover model"

it is SO HARD being a unique individual in today's world. (sigh.)


Suzel's Sass said...

PEOPLE should've made you the Sexiest Man Alive. You were working that pose!!

TravelGretta said...

You look kind of mad in that first one. You know, mad-hot.

I totally get to do a photo shoot this weekend, and I'm going to wear white pants and a dark t.

And look all brooding and stuff.

i am playing outside said...

HOT... too bad your look was stolen :(

landis smithers said...

ok, this round goes to sass,
for buttering my ego toast in a BIG way.

t-gret, i'd go with mad-hot for your shoot. close to crazy-hot. both good.

outside, theft is an evil thing.

Michael said...

You're in white jeans without irony, right? I just KNEW they were OK.