Thursday, June 26, 2008

pit bulls are vicious -

viciously beautiful.

if i didn't love her so much, i might be contemplating a coat . . .

(i joke, i joke.

or do i?

no, i do.

she's too small for a full coat.)


Michael said...

Maybe a muff.

Gretta said...

She's such a pretty, shiny thing.

Now WHAT about the train in the fog, but now in the light of the tunnel and such?

What about THAT?!

Jim said...

Too small for a fur coat for you. But it seems to fit her just perfectly.

editor said...

what would she do if i playfully tried to nibble under her neck?

don't distract us with this - get back down to wednesday's post and explain yourself!!!! okay, maybe there isn't enough space to explain about just explaining what you were hinting at?!

Stacy said...

or a hat?

no! never!

Carrie D said...

*sigh* he's not going to tell us about the train until we've mostly forgotten about it. he has a really wicked sense of timing like that.

so, let's just pretend we don't actually care. that might work.

landis smithers said...

alright carrie d and editor

all will be revealed in good time.

and STOP looking behind the curtain,
damn you.

editor said...

carrie d, carrie d, that's a hint. did you see what he said there, about the "curtain"? that must mean something. either he's redecorating.... or he's going to join the circus. that's it, isn't it landis?! there's a curtain at the circus, where the clowns come out from.

(ps carrie d, i agreed with your assessment and was ignoring it, truly, but then he went and waved that red flag, or, red curtain, and i was helpless to resist his bait.)

Anonymous said...

Curtains - that's it. You made curtains from that lovely coat of hair? No? Am I close?

Carrie D said...

oh no. he's starting to say "the landis" the way bush says "the google"

this is a bad sign.

if he doesn't tell us soon about this train business, he might forget what he meant in the first place...