Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i endorse and adore : OKI-NI

in full disclosure,
i was made an ambassador for this site recently
because of my relentless stalking/browsing/recommending/fawning over them.
the internets for the menses is not an easy place.
you are stuck with american online retailers
(assorted watered down preppy/basics)
that continually trumpet the same four items
(god save us from the "classic with a twist".  they don't know what the hell that is. ever.)
or it's the aging gay man's bad lycra tee shirt hell.
so when i found OKI-NI a few years ago,
(you can click on it to visit.  now or later.  probably later after you read more of this post.)
i was a bit dumbfounded.
it was like some cool kids got together from tokyo, london, and l.a.
and threw together their best tees, denim, trainers, watches,
and then asked linda farrow to donate some shades,
rick owens some leathers,
and raf simons some neoprene.
i have sent my gay friends,
my straight friends,
and even the ones in between to the site,
and every one has loved it.
once they made me an "ambassador",
i realized they're kind of grass roots, laid back, and genuinely cool.
here's my latest picks from the site.
should you want to know what an ambassador would wear:

and I KNOW.
how cute is their house model?


Michael said...

Going over to oki-ni now!

(But might I suggest "menz" or possibly "menzes", instead of "menses," cuz, ew.)

loulou said...

yeah, i agree on the menses thing. I kind of "eek-ed".

However, Landis-love, this is what I want, but for me, a female person. So? Possible?

thanks in advance,

loulou said...

back again.

I've found this at Jil Sander fall collection (for women)et je l'adore!! so don't worry about the men's coat as woman's thing. I do have some unisex stuff i love at your shop though, of course.


(how about men-zies?)

Whiskeymarie said...

That gray jacket is fabulous. Love the collar.