Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pretty things worth posting (october edition) -

this is honestly also becoming the fall back posting title for
"cleaning all the random stuff i pulled down off the web off my cluttered desk top so i can find shit again"
you'll see what i mean in a second.
ok, to start,
why i am probably never going to mingle well with the masses when it comes to choosing clothing.
also known as "i never seem to agree on the "hit or miss" polls on people online's site".
(god that's a lot of quotation marks)
(i'm sorry mrs. murphey.  i know how much of a stickler you are for punctuation.)
(although i gave up caps years ago, so relax, woman.)
i digress.
people magazine online put up this picture of UMA in LANVIN.
i think that is an instant "hit".
it's like TILDA in HAIDER.
so i hit "hit".

75% of people online readers DISAGREED.
i had to stop reading.
although i did hit the "hit" button like forty more times to try and up her status.
stupid people online.
(i mean that both ways.)
i love type.
they make me feel calm,
like its all going to be ok, in the end.
as long as it's set nicely.

see?  fine.
fine men.
oh yeah.
ashley, i love this picture of you,
but i am pissed that you haven't called or anything in like,
ok, weeks.
call me, bitch.
(i have new boots.)

oh, lookie!
i got new (old) boots!

ooh, and who doesn't want to be "married well divorced better cavorting around single in my couture wardrobe generally being fabulous got my own comme des garcons perfume just cause they like me plus i have a sense of humor about myself and i get to pose in french vogue" daphne guiness?

stop.  love her mainly cause she laughs about her own life.
and then throws on fur and heads out the door.
aren't we glad that fabien baron is back heading up INTERVIEW?

another richard haines moment,
from recent shows,
how he saw carine roitfeld AND anna wintour,
in a few sleek, spare, hainesian lines:

you are welcome to start using it.
the next is a screen grab from facebook
that i affectionately call
"wishful thinking, landis"

yeah.  his brother hijacked his status.
(i knew it, but for a moment . . . no.  not even I am that delusional.)
and this,
this just says
"REALLY? how much more painful can this get? how much further does the mold have to set in before the FDA, the EPA, and the CFDA step in and just shut it down?"


designerman said...

'hainesian'is genius. thank you for including me with all this beauty. i adore you and we still haven't even met! xx

Iheartfashion said...

Richard's drawings are amazing as always.
LOVE Uma in Lanvin. How could anyone not?