Tuesday, May 12, 2009

COMING ATTRACTIONS : an explanation

this is going to be a crazy, creative summer.
in addition to "the weapons project",
which i'll talk more about once a few more players are in place,
we're about to film the first of a series of short films
using the eduardo lucero "matador" runway as an initial inspiration.
tim has always been a huge proponent of trying new things,
but even more so of the concept that 
the only thing holding you back from doing what you want
is just DOING it.
not in a nike way.
it's actually shocking how much can happen in your life
if you just say to yourself
yes, i can.
yes, i will.
and then . . .
do it.
i'm not being simplistic here,
or even trying to go all oprah on your asses,
it's just something i have to keep reminding myself,
and whether it's the weapons project, 
or this first short film,
the only thing holding me back
turns out,
is me.
so here i am,
with the help of my friends and co-workers and partner 
starting another major undertaking.

(a coming attraction)

this project involves the creation of a trailer 
for a film that does not exist.  
We will be filming sequences and snippets of an imaginary story, 
bit and pieces of dialog and action, 
that when strung together will comprise a compelling reason to run to the theatre . . . 
even though the film will never be released.

this film is called “Torera”, 
and is about the love affair between a woman and a matador.  
As we learn from the scenes, 
there is much more to the “boy meets girl” scenario, 
there are bits of madness, slivers of dreams, and perhaps, perhaps 
even murder.

principal filming for the first "coming attraction",
begins this sunday, may 17th.


Carrie D said...

oh, we see what you're doing there.

the trailer for the film that does not exist will most certainly spawn backing for the actual film.

very cool. and sneaky of you. :)

Jim said...

Lyle has a matador costume hanging in the coat closet, if you need it, just ask.

Whiskeymarie said...

Only you could pull off something so cunning and brilliant, my dear.