Tuesday, July 8, 2008

timmer in triptych -

tim drove grr and avec down to topanga
for "doggie boot camp"
(eight weeks. no girls. aaaargh!)
while i was in los angeles on this last production,
which gave us a whole ONE day together in the course of three weeks.

luckily, we know how to "divide" our time apart with little bits of each other.

(and in the past week, this man has been a ROCK.
you know, the kind you cling to
when you start overthinking things and go
"what the hell have i just done??"
and they just laugh and tell you to relax.
and you do.
cause they "get you" even when other don't.

that's the real definition of love, my friends.)


editor said...

hooray for rocks!
so you're a lucky bastard.

☼ ♥ Dog Mom ♥ ☼ said...

love the top pic, two become one, as it should be. =)

sorry you have to be apart so long. =(

Jim said...

Doggie Boot Camp in Topanga...?

More info please. I have a lovely rescue Dalmation who needs more training than I seem to be able to impart on my own.

landis smithers said...

editrice: oui, j'adore le rocks.

dog mom: not to worry, together again at this point!

jim: they are amazing. just went to an update with the girls, and it's night and day. www.canyonviewranch.com