Monday, October 27, 2008

the recipe for a happy life (as i see it) -

i think if you put these two together,
you have the recipe for a happy life.

you have to believe that every day/moment
good or bad
is a once in a lifetime thing. 

no day but today, to quote "rent".

and the decision to live that day, or that life, or that second,
with joy and with glee,
for even the hard stuff adds up to something,
adds up to change,
adds up to a new life.

we are what we experience, what we are made of.

and this week,
i'll tell you why i am happier, each day, than a bird with a french fried


justme said...

i can't wait!

Kristy Boy said...

No truer words were spoken! Thanks for the reminder, as I plan to get my life in order and live each day as if I were a bird with a french fry!

Can't wait to hear your good news!!


editor said...

i like the "never again" form. it simultaneously addresses and releases the scariest thing about a mistake/bad day/act of stupidity - namely, that it won't be our last.

landis smithers said...

i KNOW editor, great insight.

that mistakes should be as welcome as wins. because they allow us to better, to change, to redo.

designerman said...

thanks for dropping by - i alway love your messages. the one about my having a good day was so right on. the boys here really turn it out when it gets chilly.

and especially love this post from you...

Jaime said...

the compliment to that is the quote on the bottom of a pretty nice pair of kenneth cole boots I have.... "today is not a dress rehersal."

editor said...