Thursday, November 29, 2007

holiday spot week 1 - behind the scenes

little late getting this up. . . but a peek behind the first december spot.

old navy ornaments, on a modern xmas tree:

the loft i want to move into . . . someday . . . soon? please?

and yes, it's all a set, all fake. all chris and lena's magic:

the old navy "army" convenes on the sofa:

our heroes, blake kutcha and sam saffman:

and les demoiselles d'navy: florence faivre, natalia costa, tatyana danilchenko

oh yeah. and a peek of louboutin!


Whiskeymarie said...

If you move "there", I'm moving in with you. I've always wanted to live in an imaginary loft.

And was that Xmas tree made just for the shoot? I want one.

underneath said...

Blake could carry of anything!

i am playing outside said...

can i PLEASE have that staircase? i'm in a one-level apartment, but well, i'd still love it so much

Jake said...

I especially want to live in an imaginary loft with THOSE people. WOOF!

editor said...

the "modern" x-mas tree - where is it from? please please tell us!

landis smithers said...

the tree is a "found object" from a scrapyard . . . that's how damn good our lena (the set stylist) is. i told her "no green trees", she found that.

killer, right?

editor said...

damn good?
no, she's @#$%^(&@ good.

Michael said...

florence faivre fabulous

Iheartfashion said...

LOVE the tree!
Can I come to this party?