Saturday, December 1, 2007

let them eat cake. and diane.

out to panchita's #3 again, this time to celebrate susan's seventieth birthday.

tim got a little rambunctious with diane. but he just luvs pushin her buttons.

we were all so proud of susan being able to blow out the candle on her own.
brought a tear to my eye:

unfortunately, carrie and i had to help her eat. the cake. it was just too much for susan to handle on her own, dear thing:


Valley Girl said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and wanted to congratulate you on your marriage--your hubby is HOT!!! You also have my dream job.

I love your blog, and will be bookmarking it.

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

Loving the fact that you have real pictues/people on your blog... and the cake looks damn good...similar to something we had at Gary Danko the last time we were there.

DeAltoVolar said...

aha cute mister


Anonymous said...

70th birthday? Well no wonder the poor dear couldn't eat all of her cake. Her teeth are probably all gone. It's good that you were along to help :)

Whiskeymarie said...

I heard seventy is the new thirty.

And hip replacements are the new botox.

You heard it here first.

TravelGretta said...

It's nice to see you balanced the cake with Diet Coke.