Monday, March 23, 2009

last week, was new york. was katy. was soho house. was crazy . . .

my first sales trip.
flying to a city,
meeting your new rep on the east coast,
and pressing:
just chilly enough to throw on:
in order to meet katy dickson
(the lovely, the witty, the texan)
on the roof of the soho house,
by the pool:
i decided to kick back.  it was sixty,
the drinks were flowing,
and the people were arriving:
there was no time to :
people from saatchi, people from weiden, people from music houses,
people from l'oreal, people just standing around:
believe it or not,
this is how we meet/greet/and generate new projects.
i know.
i suck.
i win.


cristy gods eyes said...

The symbolism is haunting. Sign are everywhere in life but one must be tuned in enough to follow them. You are one of those people. And the picture of you in the shades and jacket is fucking genius. The Landis is big pimpin with a fuckin halo and a fucking hot leather jacket. You look like rock star Jesus Christ and I love it. GODSEYES. Details on the jacket please. It rules it so hard. You and your sister are such a pair. I can tell just by looking at the pictures that you two are very linked and tuned in to each other. You are such a perfect petite pair. There is a elegant quiet to the two of you. Unlike me... My legs go all the way to my tits, I am skinny and tall but I have a badonkadonk. I have the junk in the trunk, dumps like a truck with thighs like 'what!', Juice in the caboose, cushions for the pushing, an itty bitty thing with a round thing in your face, I'm a fine motherfucker who can back that azz up, I'm a big bootied bitch, ad infinitum. No, this isn't a pretentious exercise to see how many booty references I can come up with. I'm just saying that I know my attributes, and I know how to work it. And so I do. We're talking Pendulum here: I walk like a cheap stripper. It doesn’t quit. It is like a 'swinging ball thingee that's on people's desks, and they're metal, you know?

Landis said...

i have the STRANGEST mental image. it's hot, yet odd.

welcome back, by the way!

the jacket is by my favorite new label, the viridi-anne. japanese. a little rick, a little yohji. you know that "fits like a glove"/little bit of off seaming/edgy but blendable with denim thing? yeah, that. i worked my way slowly into this label, a piece at a time, until i was hooked. and i finally got to break out the shearling in nyc . . . bliss!

and lauren will love your comments as well. it was a good trip for us, we're both in crazy times right now, and it was a blissful little sibling moment.