Thursday, March 26, 2009

a sister from boston and a brother from l.a. meet in the big apple, once their home -

woke up to a sunny, spotty morning:
but gathered my wits and headed to the mercer kitchen.
meeting a soul-mate:
my sister, lauren.
and, of course,
the champagne:
there's something comforting about the pale purple banquettes
and the light from above
that makes it a perfect place to launch the day.
and launch, and wander, we did:
up and down town,
the twosome roamed.
until they wandered down the little alley,
and found freeman's,
and a home:
perhaps it was the french 75's,
or the artichoke dip,
or the pork belly and cheese grits . . .
but we were
and as always,

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