Thursday, May 31, 2007

transcontinental fashion dash

so, sitting in JFK,
slightly hung over,
after a two day whirlwind on production for fall.

came out tuesday, spent wednesday in meetings with chandelier,
(ok, lunch meetings with richard and sara. outside. at pastis.
it was SUNNY. we HAD to sit outside. stop judging.)
going over casting and sets and boards for the upcoming shoot in los angeles,
did some rapid window shopping,
bought nada
(ok, yes. there were moments when i wavered. there was a particularly difficult velvet terrycloth thom browne blazer in dove gray with white arm stripes. . . i might have tried it on. i might have contemplated a mad dash for the elevator banks at bergdorf's wearing said blazer. luckily, just bought that vintage car in need of restoration, kinda puts the kibosh on luxury goods for awhile.)

(and honestly, what boy hasn't stood in jeffrey's staring at that pair of camel patent fenestrier shoes with the white laces and thought "now THOSE would look hot with denim. or a beaten up pair of khakis. or, you know, underwear.)

weds night went with richard and sara to the gramercy park hotel for a charity quiz night
sponsored by oscar de la renta and vogue for darna.
(womens charity. foreign country. school or something. wasn't paying close attention.)
dressed up,
ran from room to room with the team answering questions
(how many eyes does a bee have? WHO CARES!)
bit through a champagne flute
(it was a moment of excitement. there were prizes involved.)
hugged on alexi
(lubomirski, our photographer/savant/creative)
met jacquetta
(wheeler, his girl/supermodel/
very tall and elegant the way only tall blonde supermodels can be)
came in ninth
(look, we beat michael kors' team, which was our main goal. long story.)
drank too too much of that champagne,
went to the soho house for dessert,
didn't get back across the street to the gansevoort until very late.

so i'm a little fuzzy here in the airport lounge.

and can't wait to get back to the tim plus two.

boarding soon.

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Maman said...

After this past weekend, I GET IT!!!!!!!!
Fame and champagne!!!!!!!