Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the brooks of boston

after a grueling week of shopping and looking at models.
(no, seriously, it was HARD. there were all these things i DIDN'T buy.
that's right. you read it. DIDN'T buy.)

(and yes, i worked. there were all these pretty pictures and words i had to put in order and match up and make, you know, prettier. and i had to see what other stores were doing. which involved this extended running around in the heat and this reeeeeeeallly long trip through bergdorf's where everything went blurry around a thom browne cashmere cardigan and i woke up in that highly over-rated kelly wearstler restaurant.)

(which reminds me, have you seen prada for fall? fake fur. patent leather. man leggings. it's drag meets desert storm. it works.)

after the long week in nyc,
i went to visit the charming brooks' of boston,
a lovely young couple who spent the weekend touring me around their quaint city.

somehow, between the fried clams and the quaint charms of newbury street,
i found myself quite taken by this young couple.
they have all the markings of fine upbringing and good social graces.

i wonder why we got along so very very well?

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