Monday, September 3, 2007

panchita's #3 -

so the best part of the labor day weekend was stumbling into my new favorite restaurant, panchita's #3.

we drive past this place every morning on our way to work, it's on the outer edge of the mission in a "transitional" part of the neighborhood. "transitional" in that half the people on the street either have safeway carts, imaginary friends, or clients who drive by in sedans with suburban plates.

however, it's chic, industrial cool, and the patrons were a mix of a table of leather daddies, hispanic families at the bar (yes, babies and all), couples with multiple tatts, and us, the gay couple in their blazers.

and it was GREAT.

so, between the ceviche on avocado with a lime vinaigrette, homemade guacamole, or the crabmeat enchiladas. . . i'm going back.

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