Friday, December 28, 2007

bambi & thumper -

one of the presents this christmas included a little bit of nostalgia in card form:

you know, the ones who said: "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"

we're lucky.

we have a LOT of nice things to say, thanks to our own B & T:


TravelGretta said...

I'm guessing that you are Thumper in this scenario.

Michael said...

Y'all are twitterpated. ::sigh::

Anonymous said...

Hey, look at you back in the states already. Happy New Year!!

editor said...

merry new year.

Whiskeymarie said...

You have a charmed life, indeed and surround yourself with such joy.
We all should be so lucky.
Sappy, I know. You bring it out in me.

landis smithers said...

wait wait wait wait wait. . .

i got the whiskeymarie von smartypantsenhausen to be sappy???

do i get some kind of award for that?

it's cash, right? it's cash.

but i am blessed to be working hard at this very good life. and YOU know that joy only comes when you decide you deserve it.

T Gretta's Mom said...

Well said, Landis. And may everyone here be able to decide that he/she deserves it -- joy and love and all things good!
Happy New Year to all!
Love from TGret's Mom

moi said...

Don't pit bull tails just bring a whole new meaning to the word "thump"? As in, who better to wipe out an entire coffee table's tableau of Adler vases with one round of happy, happy.

Thanks for the boootiful photos and for dropping by Moi's blob, too. I'm honored, as well as sorry 'bout the whole mouthwatering thing.

Happy, happy holidays to you and yours!