Monday, March 31, 2008

JOYCE - hong kong - retail's raison d'etre -

the store in hong kong,
makes barney's and neiman's and saks
look like walmart.

this is just one reason. their latest streetfront window.

i have NO IDEA what the outfit or the helmet have to do with the diamond.


inside only gets better. and better. and "secret elevator to floor you didn't know existed" better.

and oh yeah, they have designers make special pieces from their lines JUST FOR JOYCE that you will never see anywhere else. just in case you thought you could "find it somewhere else".

there is no where else, people.

there is only Joyce.


The Ambiguous Blob said...

It's so damn posh, I get lost in the fancyness.

editor said...

wow, that's pretty much perfect. you lucky lucky man.

have you ever been to louis boston? it's got none of the flash (and i mean 'flash' here in a really good way) that joyce does, but it's one of my favorite stores in the US.

TravelGretta said...

Barney's is totally pissed at you now.

So I'll also get my Barney's slam in: Bergdorf Goodman's shoe department SMOKES Barney's.

I want new shoes.

What did you BUY in HK?